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Priceline Reviews

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  • Booking Issues

    I was sent a receipt from priceline stating that my bill for my hotel was paid in full for two days. Upon arrival, I was informed that only one day was paid for and that I would have to pay for the next day plus resort fees of 30 dollars a day (an additional $130). I contacted priceline regarding the issue, they only then told me that they had used to book my room and that I would have to contact with my concern. When I contacted, they said that they don't know why priceline did what they did and that all they do is book the room from priceline.... More...
    lionlopez's Picture   lionlopez    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deceptive booking

    Booked a hotel on the phone on 7/23 ... thought I was dealing with the hotel directly, (the hotel's graphics displayed on my phone and the operator represented that she was from the hotel and said I was getting the lowest price possible) but turned out to be Priceline, which added $21 in taxes and fees plus a $7.99 service fee to the cost of the room. How do I know the real cost of the room? Because the hotel mistakenly billed me for the room directly (and Priceline also charged me ...but $29 dollars more ... for the same room.) Priceline wouldn't refund the difference even... More...
    revroy's Picture   revroy    1 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline won't admit to mistakes

    You have been connected to Ray. Ray: Hi, Victor ! Thanks for choosing to chat with us today, how may I help you? Victor: This is for the record:On February 6th 2015, I booked a hotel room at 10am at The dates requested were for March 9th to March 11th in London, UK. I then received an email from Priceline confirming a hotel room for February 9th to February 11th. I then contacted Priceline to advise them of the error and requested that PriceLine move the reservation to the same days in March as originally requested.I had no problem with the price. Priceline refused to do... More...
    schveep's Picture   schveep    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline Rip-Off

    for the first (and last) time, I rented a car through Priceline. They claimed they gave me such a fantastic deal... Naively, I assumed I could cancel like I CAN WITH ANY OTHER RENTAL AGENT. Not to be! I found a rate HALF of what Priceline charged for the identical car. Can't cancel my Priceline car so stuck paying twice as much as I should. What a rip-off that you can't cancel. I'll never use Priceline again for anything. More...
    VAmm's Picture   VAmm    1 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline bait and switch hotel scam.

    Wanted hotel in specific area Bryant AR. Checked express bid found 8 hotels under Bryant AR and 1 hotel in Southwest Littlerock AR . The hotel in SW LR was a Econo Lodge and close to Bryant. I decided to try the Bid process and chose Bryant. Did not get bid. Next I upped the bid 5 bucks and added the southwest LR area as suggested. I won but not really. It was not the Econo Lodge listed in the express deal, but an Americas Best in south Littlerock 25 miles from Bryant. I called immediately but no help from customerNO service dept. I stated I would settle for same hotel in Bryant for... More...
    Billshaeffer's Picture   Billshaeffer    0 Comments   Comments

    DO NOT EVER USE PRICELINE! I can not even give Priceline a single star. In the past I had used Priceline for several hotel and rental car reservations. This time I booked a flight/hotel package with Priceline. After this experience I will NEVER use Priceline again. Cheap pricing = cheap service! I booked a trip for two from Austin, TX to St. Croix. The trip is a couple months away, but we wanted to be sure to get the best deal and have everything booked. After booking our trip I contacted our hotel, The Buccaneer, directly to upgrade our room. They we nothing short of awesome. They... More...
    nmschrock's Picture   nmschrock    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline triple charged for one reservation

    Priceline triple charged me for one reservation. As we were making the reservation, we got a server error message from Priceline stating "Houston, we have a problem"... we waited a few minutes with nothing happening. We repeated the process just to get the same error. We figured three times the charm... it worked. So we figured all is well and on our way. However, I got 3 email confirmation emails a few minutes later - meaning 3 reservations. I called Priceline immediately to inform them of the issue. They said they would take it under consideration. I also called the... More...
    fsum242's Picture   fsum242    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline Mobile App failed to offer State ID upon search, ended up in wrong state

    If someone would please reach out to me regarding my hotel reservation I would be happy to provide snapshots of the mobile app screens during my checkout process. I booked an express deal on my mobile phone as you can see from the photos below for the Warren, PA, and Meadville, PA areas and upon booking my hotel in the Warren area it reserved a hotel room in Warren Ohio, over 2 hours away. After spending over 45 minutes on the phone with 2 different customer services reps and them refusing to put me through to a manager the end result is that despite the error on your part they would not... More...
    jmaed23's Picture   jmaed23    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible flight bookings and hotel not paid

    I booked a trip to Ireland,my wife asked for window seats when we booked for herself 3 months in advanced LOL never happened in fact the dam airline had us in different seats not even next to each other for the long trip across the ocean both ways!!!Air France is horrible airline no TV no headphones music and the seats were old and uncomfortable and we were against the back wall and couldn't recline!!The hotel when we get there wanted me to pay for room again since priceline never paid them while i admit after a call to priceline they fixed that issue!! More...
    taz112768's Picture   taz112768    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rooms got cancelled by priceline or never reserved

    I reserved 4 rooms for two nights for each room by name your price. And the reservation was made at Double Trees in Norfolk VA. The rooms were for my families who came into town for my wife's funeral. First night there was no problem. Second night two rooms out of four rooms reservation were no longer there. 82 years old my father and my mom along with my sister and her husband could not get into the room. Double tree said no reservation for these rooms. I called price line representative. The time was almost midnight. I had to drive from my home to hotel at Midnight, my parents,... More...
    dosunim's Picture   dosunim    0 Comments   Comments
  • Go direct to Hotel

    I just boooked my last hotel through This is not an effective model if your plans could change in the least. I needed to leave a day early and due to the fact I booked on Priceline and prepaid, their customer service would not refund the night I did not stay at the hotel. In addition, I spoke to the GM at the hotel and they told me they would have given me a better rate than I got on Priceline. Lesson learned....go direct to hotel first. If you need to change plans you will not be locked into paying for nights at hotel that you do not need. More...
    sskiley's Picture   sskiley    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad customer service

    Absolutely shocked by their behavior!! Not even apologized properly for making me feel like a thief when I am a regular shopper there and wouldnt dream of ever stealing!!! I understand checking of bags but their attitude was shocking. She asked for a receipt for my personal makeup!! And the manager supported her then i said well i dont have a receipt but u can check my priceline club card because and bank card for previous transactions? Never shopping at Priceline Carillion city Perth. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Huma's Picture   Huma    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refused to match web price gaurantee with hours of booking

    Found 2 different websites same itinerary, same car, same company, same address while on phone. So 4th call to try to get lower web price I found. This time we did it together while on phone with them. I confirmed the website was identical yet they were unable to see the price I saw at So i then asked them to go to Avis and we did it together they were unable to see the same price there as well 140.00 more. They were very courteous but very slow. They repeated the time, dates each time they entered placing me on hold several times to research which the entire phone call last... More...
    lalackey's Picture   lalackey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline LIES and rips you off, DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM!

    I booked a trip to Vegas a few months ago and had to cancel it due to a medical emergency backed up by a doctor's note faxed directly to Priceline. Upon cancelling the trip, I was told that the value of my airfare could be used on any future (within a year) Priceline booking. Because I'd originally booked with Priceline. Makes sense right? Well apparently, as outlined in the followup email they sent me (but NOT in the phone call!) I can only use that credit on VIRGIN flights because my original trip had been Virgin flights. Now, Priceline holds that credit, Virgin has nothing to... More...
  • Bait and Switch Airline Ticket~Name Your Own Price

    I went to after seeing they had an A rating with the BBB and tried their "name your own price" for a ticket to Honolulu HI. I typed in the name of the destination and clicked next page. On the next page were 3 departure destinations to choose from even though I already typed in my departure city and thought that was odd but chose my original one to begin with, this should have been a red flag to me, I had only one arrival destination which was in black and white Honolulu HI and I hit the next button but it stopped me because I did not click on Honolulu even though... More...
    Layla00's Picture   Layla00    0 Comments   Comments
  • priceline will not honor lowest price guarantee scam

    I called to report seeing lower price for my exact hotel, airfare, car pkge. the operator said they can,t give me the refund because he could not see exactly what car company is going to be assigned to compare the itinerary, even though the price is still 87$ and would be the same so even if the price is now cheaper I do not qualify to get lowest price guarantee. This is a scam a catch 22 and when the car rental is offerd they should tell you that if you add it you cant get their lowest price, I dont get how it matters when the car price is not changing it is about the hotel at least that... More...
    Vbraaten's Picture   Vbraaten    0 Comments   Comments
  • Priceline

    PRICLINE SCAMSSSSSSSS They did not allow me to cancel my reservation, Fter I found out that the City is on GARBAGE STRIKE and they're warning people not to come into the city if possible, Ihave tow small children with a health and allergy issues and I also have AZMA,na d I knew I would have spend my vacation in the Hospital if I went to TORONTO, But they stil refused to cancel or give me another destenation hotel like CHICAGO... SCAMING THE AMERICAN CONSUMERS AT THEIR WORST TIME OF ECONOMIC HARDSHIP, WHEN THEY'RE TRYING TO ESCAPE TO FEW DAYS OF FUN ONCE A YEAR, BUT WITH... More...
    redflaff's Picture   redflaff    0 Comments   Comments


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